The First Miracle

The First Miracle

Gujrat Sant Of Jay JalaramVirpur is on the way to Girnar, the holy pilgrimage centre, and all pilgrims and sadhus used to make a halt at Virpur for their food and rest. They used to ask for foodgrains at the shops in the village and used to cook their food. One day it is so happened, all the other shops were closed. Valaji' shop alone was open. Hence all the sadhus and mendicants called at Valaji's shop for alms. Jalaram was so delighted to see so many sadhus come to him. He doled out to them dal, rice, flour, ghee, sugar oil and many other items, which ever they asked for, as charity. Further when he saw some of the sadhus in torn clothes, he gave away new cloth also from the shop.

Some of the people of the village who were jealous and envious of Jalaram because of his uncle's fondness for him, went and complained to Valaji who become very furious on Jalaram. He came threateningly to the shop. He said he wanted a complete check to be made in the shop of all the things and materials. Jalaram felt frightened and started praying to God to save him from his uncle's wrath. As the uncle went on checking, every bag was full with the contents, there was no shortage of the cloth even. The uncle was amazed, and instead of taking Jalaram to task, complimented him profusely.

How did the above miracle happen? Only because whatever Jalaram did, he used to say within himself "Iswararpanam". And is it not the duty of the God to protect on who has surrendered himself unto him, and who saw in all but God alone !

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