babul treeThere lived a peasant family in kevadara village near Keshod . The head of the family was Nanji Ladani.

One day all the members of the family were relaxing under the babul tree at noon after hard work in the field. Suddenly there was a whrilwind and the tree was uprooted . In a split second it would fall on them and there was no time for escape . All were frightened. Suddenly Nanji cried out, " O save me , Jaliya Bapa ."

No sooner did he speak these words then the tree stopped falling down as if some one had lifted it above them and gradually every one safely slipped from beneaath it.

After a few days Nanji came to Virpur and told Bapa of this incident . Bapa smiled and said, " Look here! See what has happened to my back and remove if there's any babul thorn still inside the body !"

Nanji saw that there were marks of the thorns on Bapa's back.

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