snakebiteDevashi Patel of Gomata village had a young son called Dhano. Once, Dhano had a snakebite. He was brought to Virpur wrapped up in a bedsheet and placed before Bapa. Bapa said, "Patel, take the name of God." Then he said to one of his disciples, "Naran, can the snakebite kill?" Naran said, "BNo, it can't." "Can it kill?" Bapa asked again. "No, it can't." Naran said. "Can't it?" "No, it can't. I'm sure!"

Thus bapa asked three times. Then directed another devotee to take a pair of tongs and wave it thrice over the snake-bite. The disciple waved the pair of tongs thrice over the body of the boy and then dashed it on the ground.

Soon the boy turned and twisted the body and got up. The father of the boy fell at the feet of Bapa. Bapa said, "Thank God! Thank Rama!
I am only His humble devotee who acts according to his command."

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