Jalaram bapa & JamalThere lived a rich muslim named Jamal in Virpur. Once his ten years old son was ill. Inspite of all treatment his temperature did not come down. The doctors gave up hope his recovery. The tailor Harji told Jamal about his own experience , " Jamal, a pellet bow can send a pellet upto three hundred yards, a gun can send a bullet upto a thousand, a tank can send a ball upto ten thousand but the Jalaram Bapa's morsel of food given to the sadhus has its reach upto the door of the heaven . Therefore, take a vow in jalaram Bapa's name and that will surely save your son from death.

" Jamal caught the suggestion and said, " O bapa, relieve my son of the disease. I'll give forty meaasures of grains to your charity house ."

It so happened that his son's temperature got down that very night , he opened his eyes, and was saved.

Jamal took a cart load of grains to Jala Bapa, paid obeisance to him and said " Jalla so Allah !"( Jalaram is God ). One who fails to receive something from god can receive it from Jalaram!"

Henceforth Jala Bapa became popularly known as " Jalla so Allah" ( Jalaram is God ). He was twenty two at that time ( Vikram era 1878 )

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  1. ravi

    jalaram bapa cured muslim also.


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