Shri Jalaram’s marriage

jalaram bapa _ virbai maWhen 14, he was given the sacred thread of janoi. After short time, he was betrothed to Virbai, daughter of Thakkar pragji Somaiya of Atkot. He had least desire to marry and start such life. But his parents did not consent. He was married at 16. Since childhood, Jalaram's virtues began to unfold with age compassion and mercy grew in him. On finding saints, he brought them with respect to his shop and gifted them with food and cloths. Jalaram's father Pradhan Thakkar was not so well to do and did not like this. At last, Pradhan Thakkar came separated from them. Uncle Valji Thakkar came to know this. He had no child. He called Jalaram and gave him charge of his grain shop. He was fully satisfied and happy with his devotee nephew and declared so publicly.

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    i Glad to know about information of jalaram bapa



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