Jalaram starts sadavrat in Virpur

sadavartAfter reciting names of Guru Bhojalram and Ramji Jalaram started sadavrat in Maha sud beej samvat 1876. Virbai cooked food. Jalaram fed the poor and the saints. Since 195 years, this sadavrat is flourishing today. The couple stored water in the morning, grinding flour and became ready. After worshiping Lord, Virbai used to cook and Jalaram used to welcome and feed with respect anyone, who came there. Since then he has been named Bhakta Jalaram. He was just twenty that time. In a short time, people and sadhus began to call him Jalarambapa. All wondered how a poor fellow could run sadavrat. King and emperors were too timid to do this. But Jalaram started it with ease. It became a sure place of shelter for groups of pilgrimage to Girnar, Somenath and Dwarka as well as for the poor and the handicapped. Jalabapa was doing such a great work. But like a servant, he fed and gave water to all with grace and gentleness. In beginning, there was shortage of food grains. Virbai sold her ornaments and valuables to keep to her husband's mission going. But as if God himself came to assist them. People from everywhere began to send money and food grains to the ashram. Some in their time of leisure came to help in work. By God's grace, the sadavrat began to work smoothly.

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