Jalaram become Bhojalram’s disciple

Sant bhojalramJalaram went to Gokul, Mathura, Kasi, Ayodhya, Badrikedar, Jagannathji, Rameshwar etc. He came back to Virpur after a year and half. He was 19 years old. He had lost all interest in worldly life. He was interested only in devotion of God. He wanted to have Guru to get advice. At that time a great devotee named bhojalram was in Fattepur Amreli. Jalaram went to bhojalram, fell at his feet and prayed, "you become my guru and tie me the 'kanthi'. Bhojalram immediately recognized such a great devotee. He exclaimed, "Jala! I thank Ram that I have been so fortunate to be your guru. Ram resides in every part of your body. Thus saying he tied kanthi to Jalaram. Then Jalaram said, "Father! I want to start sadavrat. Please give me blessing for this endeavor." Bhojalram was extremely pleased on hearing this. He said, "Jalaram, my blessings are there with Ramji's desire. Your sadavrat will go on forever. Serve sadhus and saints and perform duties of a householder too. You will not see any obstacles." Jalaram was also joyous. After that he fell at Guru's feet and began building an ashram, out of the village

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