Devotee Jalaram and his wife labour in the field


At down Jalaram and Virbai recited Ramnam, went to the field and reaped harvest. Farmers also employed this religious couple in their fields intentionally and gave them food-grains for labours. Thus by labour Jalaram and Virbai accumulated forty measures of grains. Then Jalaram told Virbai: "Bhandari! Great amount of food-grains has been gathered. How much we two need? If you cooperate, we recite Ramji's name and start sadavrat. Guruji has also consented." Jalaram always called his wife 'Bhandari'. Virbai said, "it is not necessary to question me. I am always your assistant. I shall do as you say. For me you are my God! Whatever your heart commands do it. Ramji shall help us and keep up our prestige." On hearing this Jalaram was happy. Two are better than one. He thought, Almighty has been most charitable in giving me such a wife. After a few days, he put his plan in action

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