One day Kalo Raiyani of Virpur came with his ten year old son Govind and made him fall at the feet of Bapa. Then he said, "Bapa, give him initiation." Bapa said, "What to talk of initiation? I only know feeding sadhus – nothing more." Bapa said, "Am I so great a devotee that you have come to me for initiation?"
A saint was sitting there at that time. He sai, "Bhagat, give him initiation in the name of God. "Bapa would never disobey the command of saints, so he initiated the boy and gave him Rama-mantra.
Then Kalo said, "Bapa, this is my only son. He is now under your protection."

"Rama will protect him. He is the first initiated disciple of mine," said Bapa.
Ten years passed after this incident. Govind was now twenty years old and he was looking after the field of the father. Suddenly on day he developed an acute pain in his stomach and died within a few hours. Someone informed Bapa of this. Bapa said, "Let me finish the
worship. I'll come there soon."
After finishing the worship he set out. On teh way he said to his disciple Naran, "Naran, will my first initiated devotee pass away like this?"
naran said, "No, he shall not!"
Bapa said, "Would he die in this way?"
naran said, "No, he won't!"
"Are you sure, he would not die?"
"I am sure"
Now Bapa reached the house of Kalo Raiyani. The people had prepared the bier. Bapa sai, "Let me see the face od my diciple. Uncover  that much part."
The face was uncovered and Bapa looked at it and said, "O Govind! Why are you sleeping like this? Look at me!"
And Lo! Govind opened his eyes and looked at Bapa.
Then Bapa said, "Govind, get up! Why are you lying in this way?"
Then Govind spoke, "Why am I tied in this fashion? Make me free!"
People cut the strings of the bier with a sickle, and their sorrow was turned into joy.
There were about fifty persons in the house. Govind said, "I am a disciple of Bapa. I shall not allow anyone to go home without taking meals here."
People said, "We came here as palt-bearers. We can not take meals without taking bath."
But Govind did not listen to any one. He did not let any one go.
He ordered for sweets immediately. When the other people heard of this miracle they also came there. Dishes were served to all of them.
Kalo had tears of joy in his eyes. He said, "Bapa, Govind could survive because you intiated him! You have seved me too!" Bapa said, "Everything happens as God wills."

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  1. ravi

    great miracle of bapaji.
    jay, jalaram.


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