dead bird come liveThere were three Arabs in the service of the Thakore of Rajkot. They demanded an increase in wages by four rupees a month. The Thakore refused. So they resigned and started for Junagadh. On their way they hunted a few birds, and put them in the bag they carried on their shoulders.

They were passing through Virpur in the evening when Jalaram Bapa saw them. He said, "Please have your meals here and then go."

The Arabs said, "We are Muslims!"

Bapa said, "there is no distinction of caste or creed in the court of god. You are welcome here!"

Led by Bapa, the Arabs came to his place. Now they rememberd that they had the dead birds with them and here was a hindu temple.What to Do ?

As soon as the meals were finished they tried to go away silently , but Bapa said , " You must have been tired ! Have a night halt here!"

The Arabs felt most embarrassed. Bapa then touched their bag with his staff and said , Ah ! The poor birds feel suffocated make them free."

The Arabs saw that the bag hanging on a peg had live birds in it . They opened the bag and the birds flew away to the tree nearby . The Arabs were amazed . They fell at the feet of Bapa and asked , "Bapa,shall we get a job in Junagadh ?"

Bapa said , why , the Arabs serve only one master ." The Arabs said, " But the Thakore of Rajkot is not willing to pay us adequately."

Bapa said , he will . You asked for four rupees more , but he will give you seven ."

It really happened so. Just at that time, a camel-man ,sent by the Thakore of Rajkot arrived there and took the Arabs back with honour. The Thakore had sanctioned an increase of seven seven rupeesin their salary.

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